About Us

Simple Botanicals is a mother/daughter herbal company. We began making products for the public in 2001 because friends and family that we shared Herbal Medicine with were so impressed and happy with their effectiveness. The mother, Catherine, has been using, researching, harvesting and growing herbs her whole adult life. Catherine is a self-taught herbalist, curandera, healer and intuitive therapist throughout. When life led her down the path of rural life and farming she needed something to use on her family and pets for their common ailments so she made her first batch of Wonder Balm salve and everyone loved it! The Wonder Balm just worked so well on every ailment we tried it on!  

I am the daughter, Yarrow (serendipitously named). I moved down to New Mexico in 2001 after attending school at the Mesilla Valley School of Therapeutic Arts and earning my National Certification for Massage Therapy. There I studied physiology and was completely intrigued by the inner workings of the body. Thereafter, I attended school in Bisbee, Arizona where I graduated as a Certified Clinical Herbalist from The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine taught by Michael Moore, the well-known herbologist and his wife Donna Chesner, an extremely gifted and wonderful woman herself. After a brief employment at the Vitamin Cottage where I learned much more about specific supplements and their effects on the body I moved to Truth or Consequences and opened my own Health Food Store where my knowledge of bodies, health, supplements, juicing, herbs, raw food dieting and cleansing grew exponentially almost by the day.

Making the herbal remedies, growing the herbs when we had our farm and especially communing with the plants and helping people work toward better health are the rewards for me. My long term goal is to be a Naturopathic Physician but three children, a wonderful husband and one health food store later, I am offering my knowledge to you. We now have moved our office and workshop to my home in the lovely town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where we continue to wild-craft almost all of our products. There is a large argument for the fact that herbs harvested closer to your home will work best for you. These plants are exposed to the same environmental toxins and energy frequencies as you are, making them more effective for locals (within 70 miles). As you know, most herbal remedies available do not come from your backyard and are still very effective but this is something to consider in treating yourself. We strongly suggest that if you can get the herbs locally, they will have an even more profound effect. We do order some herbs from very reputable companies when we need their physiologic effects but can’t grow them in this climate.

We have a full line of herbal tinctures, plus our Elderberry Elixir, body oils and of course, the Wonder Balm. Check out our product list to see all that we have to offer and please feel free to contact me with questions and requests. I will happily mix up a concoction just for you. This website will be most beneficial if you are interactive. I do best in discussion forum, so please do send your questions. It will help me get more information out to you and all of our other followers and clients! Thank you.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the

greatest force in getting well.”


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