We want to help you

We want to help you

Posted by Yarrow on Feb 15th 2014

We are so happy you found your way to our website! This is the place to get advice about which Vitamins & Supplements may be effective for your health challenges, which Herbal Remedies we can put together for your specific condition and which foods or fruit and vegetable juices are especially good for what is affecting you in your life and body.

We are a mother daughter business, with knowledge ranging from throughout our lives healing people, attending Massage Therapy and Aura Balancing schools, attending many anatomy & physiology trainings, Researching and working in the field with Wildcrafting plants and using their medicinal properties for healing, talking with practitioners of Acupuncture, Reiki and other healing energetic modalities. We owned our own Health Food Store, instructed nutritional health plans in groups with Juicing and recipes for what to eat for full body cleansing, grow our own food, raise our own chickens and ducks and attend our local Farmer’s Markets.

We believe in taking responsibility for your own health and are here to help you in that endeavor. There are so many Holistic Health Care practices to choose from. Let us share our knowledge and experience with you to help guide you to the best path for your most vibrant health.

Have you recently been diagnosed with a disease and want to cure it without the use of or to integrate with Western Medicine modalities? Are you ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary for your body to feel great in this constantly changing toxic environment? Maybe I can help you by putting together a protocol to change your bodies functionality, I include a supplement plans to add the vital nutrients required for your body to function properly, a tincture formula specific to what you have going on, a dietary plan for optimum digestion, detox and healing and Juice Fast Instruction to help each of your cells to cleanse and be saturated with all of the nutrients it needs for optimal wellness. Our bodies are so smart, they will utilize what we have available in our systems to heal themselves. I also make Essential Oil Rollerballs with amazingly pure, quality doTERRA oils to use on your skin to affect change on a cellular level within 30 seconds of using them. I will blend one for your specific ailments or needs. 

Please contact us to talk about creating a protocol for you