Elderberry Immune Elixir

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Simple Botanicals Elderberry Immune Elixir soothes and alleviates coughs, throat irritations and sinus congestion.  Supports immune function.  Safe for kids. 1-2 tsp. as needed.

At home when it is the cold season, we keep a bottle of the Elderberry Immune Elixir by our beds and sip on it continuously through the day and night to support the respiratory system. The herbs that are added to the original Elderberry & Horehound syrup are all respiratory supporters working on the lungs with different energies and different physiologic effects; soothing, cleaning, killing bacteria, warming and stimulating your own immune system to do what it is meant to do.

Ingredients: Elderberries, Horehound, Honey and Brandy (as a preservative), plus Hollyhock, Echinacea, Osha, Mullein, Lomatium & Ginger Tinctures

We make this syrup by boiling pounds of elderberries that we've collected from our own Mexican Elderberry bushes and pounds of Horehound that we've collected from neighboring landscapes and boiling them both down to make a syrup and a tea. We then combine the two and strain multiple times, adding local honey and our own handmade and harvested herbal tinctures specifically for respiratory and immune ailments, throat irritations & coughs. Brandy is added in small amounts for it's antispasmodic effect and preservative value. This syrup is absolutely delicious and very effective for all things respiratory and cold or flu related.