Rosemary Mint Skin Oil

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Our Revitalizing and Energizing oil begins with a base of Organic Almond Oil which is gentle and hypo-allergenic for all skin types.

We added Fresh Rosemary Needles grown in our Farmyard. A splash of Mint Essential Oil from our trusted source and this Simple, Fresh, Enlivening product emerges.

Each re-usable Cobalt Blue bottle of this hand-crafted, Micro Batch skin rejuvenator was made with love and respect for nature and all she provides.

Rosemary is traditionally known for it’s aromatic properties of awakening the senses and increasing circulation and clarity of thought. Rosemary is also anti-bacterial and often helpful with arthritis. Mint is commonly used externally for muscular pain and eczema. The scent alone is sweet and stimulating.

The lovely Rosemary Mint scent combined awakens the senses and tingles the skin.