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Our tinctures are made by hand in small batches from wildcrafted or organically grown herbs that we mostly harvest ourselves. We do all of our own harvesting, tincturing, bottling, pressing, labeling and processing. Tinctures were traditionally called “Simples” and are the product of saturating a medicinal herb or plant with 100% Grain Alcohol and allowing it to draw the medicinal properties from the plant to the alcohol to be ingested by those needing the medicine. The alcohol is an important part of the vehicle because in it’s strength, when it enters the body, the pancreas has to immediately respond to dilute the alcohol, sending the medicine instantly into the bloodstream. The alcohol is part of the reason that tinctures work so quickly and are so effective. They are concentrated herbal medicines and they should be taken in a small shot of water. Tinctures and most herbal medicines only have an effect on the body when they are in the bloodstream, so they need to be taken often to produce the desired affect. They are also considered adaptogens which means that when they are in the body, they are actually teaching the body how to work more effectively for the future, when they have been flushed through the blood stream. Tinctures are, in a sense, very magical in the lasting effects they have on the body and they work very organically, WITH our cells and body processes rather than against them.