Antiviral Tincture Formula

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ANTIVIRAL contains an excellent combination of some very powerful virus fighting, system balancing, immune boosting herbs  to help someone who has a virus. Ingredients include:

Astragalus- Stimulates immunity

Dandelion- Supports kidney function to aid in processing of toxins required when ill with a virus

Ginger- Warms, increases circulation and shows antiviral properties

Lomatium-Specific respiratory anti-viral

Usnea- Targets influenza

Yerba Mansa- Magic synergizer, specific to lymph, fluid movement

These are the herbs we have in our apothecary that we mixed up when we were researching respiratory viruses. It is what we've been taking , along with a few other single tinctures intermittently to make sure our systems are strong.

Suggested dose is one squeeze on the dropper 2x/day preventatively

OR 3-4x/day when sick.

Increase intake of fluids and take tincture followed by sip of water or in a small shot of water. Safe during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.