Crud Cure Tincture Formula

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Crud Cure Tincture Formula is definitely the most diversely effective tincture made by Simple Botanicals. It is for “curing the crud” and the crud could possibly be whatever your problem is. Crud Cure works physiologically on the energetics and toxins of the liver which makes it a systemic problem solver. The liver is responsible for filtering EVERYTHING that comes into the bloodstream, whether it’s through the intestines, skin, lungs, hair follicles…whatever! So helping the liver is in effect helping things move through the body, period.

I take Crud Cure when I am going to be around a lot of people; volunteering in my child’s classroom, going on an airplane, taking a workshop or class, sometimes even just going to the grocery store if it’s the Cold/Flu season and it seems like everyone is sick. I also take it at the first sign of ANY illness. If I get a tickle in my throat I put one squirt into a shot of water 4 or 5 times that day and it always fends of the “Crud”. If I forget to take it until I’m already really sick, I start just the same and it speeds healing aggressively. If I have to do some work in my chicken coop and I know I am breathing all kinds of bacteria and ickies I take a squirt before I start and one when I finish. Crud Cure has helped me get over the symptoms of hang-over, made a headache go away, even helped with joint pain when I knew it was coming from a build up of toxicity.

The herbs in Crud Cure are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and super anti-oxidant. Taking this tincture can help your immune system get stronger by cleaning the blood. This can be extremely helpful with arthritis and allergies. Colds & Flu can’t take hold in the body when these strong medicinal herbs are in the bloodstream! Because this formula is so strong and such a good detoxifier it is very important to drink a lot of water when taking it so the toxins that are stirred up have an exit route to leave the body.

We have many clients who take the Crud Cure Tincture Formula for allergies and have had great results. They take the tincture formula everyday, 3 or 4 times a day for a week or so. This usually handles the problem and then if it’s an especially pollen-full day later in the month, they can just take it for one day and it is usually extremely effective. The body is prepared for it and responds more quickly when you make it part of your routine. Herbal medicines support our bodies in their natural functions, they do not work against what ever you have going on naturally, so in that they are always making your natural reactions stronger and more effective, not suppressing or squelching what your bodies instincts tell it to do. I like to feel like my medicine is working with me, not against me!