Bioresonance Auric Analysis and Balancing

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Session includes Healy analysis of your energetic body and chakras, Reiki infused treatment period of Chakra and Auric Balancing Skalar Waves to balance, integrate and align your ethereal body. Most people realize a sense of relaxation and calm that they have not experienced for quite some time. There's a feeling of lightness and vibration that is a stress release and a noticeable ablity to be less heavily affected by your emotions. 

Some people need to go to sleep to integrate. A much more restful sleep is noted by many. Increased water intake is important as our bodies are made of mostly water and water is the conductor of our cells. 

I will play beneficial sound wave music while you relax wherever you are and take in the energies from this powerful tool along with my healing and balancing intentions to create a more toned and aligned energetic body for your physical form.