Regenerative Health Intake plus Iridology Analysis

Yarrows Apothecary

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Regenerative Health will be one of your greatest assets in life. Regenerative Health means to get to the ROOT cause of an issue and regenerate at the cellular level. Most heaalth modalities are focused on treatment and although most most natural remedies will not cause harm they are not getting to the ROOT of the imbalance or malady. Regenerative health is an alternative to treatment and is true detoxification that leads to actual regeneration of the cells, organs, glands and tissues.

It is my honor and privilege to guide you through the process of detoxification and true regeneration available through the practice of Regenerative Health modalities; using diet, herbs and specific natural modalities to balance and create optimal function throughout your completely capable and magical human body.

Our intake is a comprehensive collection of questions that inform me about how your body systems are working together and allow me to see where you may have lymphatic buildup, acidity, gland, organ and tissue degeneration. These areas are where we will focus our support. Iridology reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health and toxicity or degeneration and health of the nervous system.

Using the knowledge that I gain from this form, your beautiful irises and our conversation I will create a protocol for you to detoxify, alkalize and regenerate the organs, tissues, cells and glands that need support through the use of herbs, diet and other natural modalities that can change the trajectory of your whole life and lead you to a level of cellular health that creates regeneration. 

This can look like increased energy, reversal of maladies, dis-eases and imbalances in the body, an increase in joy and well being, a rebuilding of the gut microbiome, readying your body for conception, motherhood or fatherhood, deeper sleep, a stronger sense of self, mental acuity, skin beautification and so many other physical and emotional aspects of your human experience. 

I can not wait to work with you!