Iridology Analysis

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Iridology is a tool we can use to determine overall health. The eyes can be considered a map of the glands and organ systems in the body. The iris is connected to 28,000 nerve endings inside the body and can indicate health of your lymphatic system, endocrine system, nervous system, brain health, musculo/skeletal system and the different glands and organs in the body. 

Iridology can help us analyze the location and levels of inflammation in the body. It can reveal genetic weakness, overall strength of a bodies' constitution, overall levels of health and lifestyle including the nervous sytem and how it is handling your emotional well being. Gut health can be seen in the iris and can hep us learn where to support and detoxify. 

This iridology analysis does not include suggestions for support, herbal protocols or dietary shifts but is an overview of what is learned from your irises. If you need guidance based on your reading please choose the Regenerative Health Intake as I am not able to diagnose from an iris reading alone.